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"White Fire" Enameled Leaf Earrings 


Every firing of these enamels brings out new and unexpected flashes of color!  Some raging in reds, others more subtle with soft blues and greens and yellows! Its a surprise every time!


It's not often to get similar enough colors to always have a "matching" pair like this one, so consider yourself lucky if you nab this pair of beauties.  


This pair has gorgeous shades of cranberry reds, soft blues and even a hint of moss green and white! Absolutely stunning! 


The earrings hang from niobium wire earwires and are non allergenic. The bead is bright copper.


Designed and created by Selah Gay

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have by dropping me a message on our Contact Us page. 

White Fire Enameled Leaf Earrings

SKU: ENE 2030 - 1
  • These earrings have been enameled using many layers of vitreous (glass) enamels. 


    The earwires are hypoallergenic niobium.


    Each earring is 2.50" x 1"


    Cleaning with a soft damp cloth is recommended. Avoid cleaning with vibration jewelry clearners. Due to the nature of enamel, which is glass applied to metal, try not to bend or drop on a hard surface as this can cause the enamel to break.