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© Selah Gay  2019

This gorgeous specimen of the fabulous multi colored peacock ore is beautifully encrusted in hand sculptured metal on the sides and back, making this pendant reversible and wearable on both sides. The back truly is as beautiful as the front which enhances the versitilty of this piece. 


My Stoned Metal line of jewelry has a warm, earthy feel using natural stone showcased in hand sculptured metal finished with patina, giving it and aged "sterling silver" appearance. 


The organic stones against the beautifully textured metal entices the wearer as well as the viewer to reach out and experience the feel as well as its appearance. Thanks to the virtue of nature, each piece created is one of a kind due to the unique shapes and color of natural stones. 


Created by Selah Gay
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have by dropping me a message on my About Me page. 

Peacock Ore Sculptured Metal Necklace - Stoned Metal

SKU: 3001SM
  • The pendant measures: 2" each of the 3 sides

    This piece is center hung on a 17" burnished "silver" colored chain with sterling jump rings. 


    This lovely pendant has been gently polished with 3 preservation coats of Renaissance wax.


    Clean with warm water and mild soap as needed. Due to the nature of this stone and pewter it is not recommended to use jewelry clearners or ultrasonic cleaning equipment.