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Fiery Petal ll Enamel Necklace was so fun watching develop. I love the drippy slur of colors on this beauty! When enameling with a blazing torch, the results can be so unpredictable... the fun part comes when the enamel begins to cool and the real colors reveal themselves!  


This comfortable, lightweight piece features lovely shades of cranberry red, light ivy greens, soft white and accents of deep browns. It gently swings from a golden leaf bezel which is draped over a 17" soft suede cord with a delicate hand forged bronze clasp. 


Created by Selah Gay
Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have by dropping me a message on my About Me page. 



White Fire ll Enameled Petal Necklace on Leather

SKU: 2006 ENN
  • Created with vitreous enamel on hand pierced (sawn) copper, this piece was torch fired to melt the enamel powders on both sides. The unique, motled effect of the piece is results of the direct high intensity fire used to melt the enamels. 


    This delicate pendant measures a little less than 2.5" including the leaf bail and hangs on a soft camel colored suede necklace, measuring approximately 17" around, including the genuine bronze hand forged catch. 


    Please Be Advised: Enamel is literally glass melted onto metal. Therefore care is advised when cleaning or removing or storing enamel jewelry. Glass can be broken or chipped if dropped, bent or banged against things.  Only use a soft, damp cloth when cleaning... the use of heated and/or vibration cleaning solutions and devices are not advised.