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Welcome to 2019! Year of Exciting Possibilities

Welcome to our New Year of 2019! Can you believe we are already 19 years into the New Millennium? I for one am pretty excited for this new year. I have so many wonderful directions I am planning on adventuring out in! Some would say this is the plight of the creative... so many ideas and not enough time... but I'm choosing to look at it differently this year, "Plenty of time to do what I want! It's a new year with many exciting possibilities!"

I started with a small revamp of my website. I've laid it out so you can see just what I've been up to in each of my areas of interest. That way you don't have to wade through the things you have no interest in or time for! Just click and go!

I've also moved my Selah Gay etsy shop to this site! You can view all the items I have created HERE!

Happy New Year and Happy Creating, Friends! Hope yours is full of Love, Peace, Joy and Lots of Fun!


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