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Essential Oils

Young Living lavender essential oil was my first foray into the world of using essential oils for things other than wearing as a fragrance oil or adding it as a fragrance to bathwater.  A friend shared some of lavender's incredible properties and how it can support so many systems in the body. (see graphic below)  After trying lavender for myself and seeing the results I was looking for, I never looked back.  Since then I've added about 50 different essential oils to my "collection". 


As you can see below, these oils can be used to help our bodies in so many productive ways! (and these are just a few of the oils available to us!) I've been using Young Living oils since 2012. And although there are many other oil companies out there, I chose to stay with YL all these years because I love knowing I can trust the whole process from where the plants are organically grown to the way the oils are distilled and bottled. I can even visit their farms to see the process, if I want to! In fact they encourage it!Knowing these things, I can be assured I am not putting anything but the best in me , on me and around me... and my family and pets... and also important.... I feel I can share this review and recommend YL essential oils with confidence to my family and friends. 

I do not sell Young Living Oils.. However I do have a website that directs my friends, who are interested in knowing more, where they can purchase the oils for themselves, whether retail or wholesale (or discounted).  I do receive a referral fee for anyone who uses my YL #1390693 when placing an order. 

To visit my Young Living site click below: 


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