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Selah Gay

Hi! I'm Selah Gay... Welcome and  Thank You for visiting my site! Hope you find it inviting, informative and fun!

I am a home grown, self taught creative who loves dipping my creative fingers into many genre's!  I live in Austin, Texas with my 3 furbabes and a wonderful supportive hubby! 

I have a wonderful studio up in the treetops overlooking a beautiful creek. It's my heaven on earth. It is here is where I find peace and fulfillment while creating the greatest life I can imagine through painting, metalsmithing, enameling and sculpting.

My furbabes are Bella (the momma), and two of her six sons, Zola and Grayson. (Zola is in the photo) Since my kiddos have grown and flown the nest, these lil critters have become like kids to me. I just love their unconditional hearts of love. 

Thank you again for visiting my site... Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any thoughts or questions.



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